Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Red Devil of the Week Ending May 22, 2011

Clifford Pierre-Louis
Boys Track

In the final dual meet of his high school career on Tuesday against Lexington, Clifford ran a 60.8 in the 400 meter hurdles, breaking Chris Costner's school record.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Boys Track Update

Lexington 71 @ Burlington 65, May 17, 2011

400m Hurdles: 1. Katsirakes (L) 58.9
2. Ballenthin (L) 60.2
3. Clifford Pierre-Louis (B) 60.8 School Record

One Mile: 1. Adams (L) 4:44.3
2. Joseph (L) 4:45.5
3. Chung (L) 4:46.2

4 x 100m Relay: 1. Burlington 45.3 School Record
Ev Guerrier, Takunda Muzembe, Marcus Odiah, Dan McDermott)

Long Jump: 1. Takunda Muzembe (B) 21’ 5”
2. Hunter (L) 20’ 3.5”
3. Woodhouse (L) 19’ 6.5”

High Jump: 1. Finch (L) 5’ 9”
2. Jake Rosenberg (B) 5’ 8”
3. Bobby Bonetti (B) 5’ 6”

Javelin: 1. Kyle Sullivan (B) 150’ 0”
2. Zack Miliano (B) 129’ 4”
3. Shaun McDonnell (B) 124’ 5”

Shot Put: 1. Joe Hoffman (B) 43’ 2.25”
2. Nestline (L) 43’ 0”
3. Alex Alessi (B) 40’ 8.75”

Triple Jump: 1. Jon Dube (B) 38’ 10.25”
2. Finch (L) 38’ 2”
3. Ayala (L) 37’ 9”

Discus: 1. Joe Hoffman (B) 124’ 10”
2. Anuj Patel (B) 108’ 8”
3. Nestline (L) 104’ 11”

110m Hurdles: 1. Hunter (L) 14.9
2. Sharma (L) 15.5
3. Jake Rosenberg (B) 15.5

100 meters: 1. Dan McDermott (B) 11.4
2. Ma (L) 11.7
3. Marcus Odiah (B) 11.7

400 meters: 1. Balenthin (L) 53.1
2. Eric Minghella (B) 53.5
3. Katsirakes (L) 54.1

800 meters: 1. David Taranto (B) 2:01.6
2. Shrippa (L) 2:03.1
3. Bloomer (L) 2:09.6

200 meters: 1. Hunter (L) 22.7
2. Daley (L) 23.7
3. Connor Owens (B) 23.9

2 Mile: 1. Jones (L) 10:09.5
2. Abate (L) 10:15.2
3. David Perloff (B) 10:22.3

4 x 400m Relay: 1. Burlington 4:11.4
(Matt Swanson, Mike Ackerman, Rob Ackerman, Matt Ackerman)

Burlington (6-3)

Lexington (8-0)

Red Devil of the Week Ending May 14, 2011

Rachel Joyce is captain of the girl's lacrosse team.  She has played a major role in the team's success this season.  She has scored a total of 29 goals so far?  She does an outstanding job as an attack wing each and every game.  She never gives up, and always gives 100%.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Red Devils of the Week thru April 4, 2011

Jean Hanafin

Jean Hanafin is a junior on the lacrosse team. She contributes at least four goals to the team each game. She was responsible for 3 assists during the game against Malden. She has a great work ethic and competitive spirit. She is a major asset to the team

Kat Trahan

Katharine Trahan is a senior and the captain on the girl’s lacrosse team. Katharine is a dedicated player who embodies all of the characteristics of a great leader. She is a role model for all the younger players on the team on and off the field. She plays defensive wing, a position that requires great speed and endurance. Her performance in every game so far, has helped contribute to a great season

Girls Lacrosse vs.Malden

Burlington beats Malden 20-9

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Red Devil of the Week Ending April 24, 2011

Congratulations to Stacey Bezreh - Softball

Senior second baseman, Stacey Bezreh, had a stellar week at the plate.  She batted an impressive .556 going 5 for 9 with a stolen base.

Boys Track Update May 2, 2011 vs. Melrose and Winchester

Melrose 35.5 @ Burlington 100.5 on 5/2/2011

400m Hurdles:
1. Clifford Pierre-Louis (B) 62.1
2. Adam Bonfilio (B) 67.8
3. Nick Paraskevas (B) 72.3

One Mile: 1. David Taranto (B) 4:47.4
2. Trevor Dutton (B) 4:51.7
3. Conn (M) 5:04.7

4 x 100m Relay: 1. Burlington 45.7
Ev Guerrier, Marcus Odiah, Takunda Muzembe, Dan McDermott)

Long Jump:
1. Takunda Muzembe (B) 20’ 1.75”
2. Killilea (M) 19’ 0.5”
3. Marcus Odiah (B) 18’ 8.5”

High Jump:
1. Killilea (M) 5’ 10”
2. Bobby Bonetti (B) 5’ 10” (tied)
2. Jake Rosenberg (B) 5’ 10” (tied)

1. Fredda (M) 158’ 1”
2. Kyle Sullivan (B) 146’ 2”
3. Croce (M) 134’ 3”

Shot Put:
1. Lusas (M) 46’ 6.75”
2. Joe Hoffman (B) 46’ 6.25”
3. Alex Alessi (B) 40’ 0”

Triple Jump:
1. Jonathan Dube (B) 40’ 4.25”
2. Jake Rosenberg (B) 37’ 9.75”
3. Dan McDermott (B) 36’ 8”

1. Joe Hoffman (B) 129’ 10”
2. Anuj Patel (B) 119’ 4”
3. Walker Peterson (B) 111’ 3”

110m Hurdles:
1. Jake Rosenberg (B) 15.9
2. Killilea (M) 16.1
3. Adam Bonfilio (B) 18.6

100 meters:
1. Persons (M) 11.1
2. Dan McDermott (B) 11.6
3. Jones (M) 12.0

400 meters:
1. Eric Minghella (B) 53.6
2. Tad Pierre-Louis (B) 55.2
3. Chen (M) 56.3

800 meters:
1. Gideon Kasirye (B) 2:04.9
2. Mark Steinbach (B) 2:09.6
3. Matt Ackerman (B) 2:14.7

200 meters:
1. Persons (M) 22.7
2. Connor Owens (B) 24.0
3. Clifford Pierre-Louis (B) 24.8 (tie)
3. Anderson (M) 24.8 (tie)

2 Mile:
1. David Perloff (B) 10:25.6
2. Chris Cao (B) 10:55.4
3. Christos Saledas (B) 10:58.0

4 x 400m Relay:
1. Burlington 4:03.0
(Sean Costa, Evander Berrouet, Matt Corsino, Connor Owens)

Burlington (4-2)
Next Meet: Stoneham @ Burlington on Tuesday, May 10, 2011.

Winchester 56 @ Burlington 80 on 5/2/2011

400m Hurdles:
1. Anderson (W) 60.9
2. Creane (W) 61.6
3. Clifford Pierre-Louis (B) 62.1

One Mile:
1. David Taranto (B) 4:47.4
2. Trevor Dutton (B) 4:51.7
3. Franco (W) 5:02.0

4 x 100m Relay:
1. Burlington 45.7
Ev Guerrier, Marcus Odiah, Takunda Muzembe, Dan McDermott)

Long Jump:
1. Takunda Muzembe (B) 20’ 1.75”
2. Marcus Odiah (B) 18’ 8.5”
3. Evander Berrouet (B) 18’ 5”

High Jump:
1. Tirey (W) 5’ 10”
2. Miller (W) 5’ 10”
3. Bobby Bonetti (B) 5’ 10” (tied)
3. Jake Rosenberg (B) 5’ 10” (tied)

1. Kyle Sullivan (B) 146’ 2”
2. Zack Miliano (B) ` 129’ 11”
3. Tad Pierre-Louis (B) 113’ 7”

Shot Put:
1. Joe Hoffman (B) 46’ 6.25”
2. Alex Alessi (B) 40’ 0”
3. Haggett (W) 39’ 4”

Triple Jump:
1. Jonathan Dube (B) 40’ 4.25”
2. Tirey (W) 40’ 2”
3. Andrews (W) 38’ 9”

1. Herbert (W) 138’ 5”
2. Joe Hoffman (B) 129’ 10”
3. Anuj Patel (B) 119’ 4”

110m Hurdles:
1. Jake Rosenberg (B) 15.9
2. Miller (W) 16.7
3. Tirey (W) 17.4

100 meters:
1. Dan McDermott (B) 11.6 (tie)
1. Spang (W) 11.6 (tie)
3. Ntega (W) 11.7

400 meters:
1. Andrews (W) 52.6
2. Eric Minghella (B) 53.6
3. Tad Pierre-Louis (B) 55.2

800 meters:
1. Hintlian (W) 2:00.9
2. Gideon Kasirye (B) 2:04.9
3. Mark Steinbach (B) 2:09.6

200 meters:
1. Herbert (W) 23.4
2. Connor Owens (B) 24.0
3. Clifford Pierre-Louis (B) 24.8

2 Mile:
1. David Perloff (B) 10:25.6
2. Chris Cao (B) 10:55.4
3. Christos Saledas (B) 10:58.0

4 x 400m Relay:
1. Winchester 3:42.0

Burlington (5-2)
Next Meet: Stoneham @ Burlington on Tuesday, May 10, 2011.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boys Tennis Round-up

The BHS boys tennis team won two more matches this past week to extend their winning streak to five games.  The Red Devils are now 5-1 and are currently tied for second place in the Middlesex League, arguably the strongest tennis conference in the entire state.  The squad blanked Stoneham last Thursday, and swept Belmont 5-0 on Friday.  The team remains unbeaten at Rahanis Park.

Stoneham came to town on Thursday and quickly found out why Burlington is one of the top teams in the state.  Coach Rob Newton did rest some of the starters, but Burlington has so much depth, it does not create a problem.  Co- Captain Raghav Tanna got things started off with a bang at the first singles position.  The senior cruised 6-0, 6-1 in convincing fashion behind strong serves and big forehands.

Sophomore Christian Repunte defeated his opponent at the second singles position 6-1, 6-2.  Repunte is starting to play with confidence and looks better every match, according to coach Newton.  Sophomore Dean Boodakian made his varsity debut at third singles and was extremely Impressive.  Boodakian has moved up the ladder for the Red Devils and on this afternoon was too much for his Spartan opponent to handle.  The score was 6-0, 6-1.

Senior co-captain John Romano paired up with freshman Lawrence Yu at the first doubles spot, and the duo pummeled their opponents 6-1, 6-1.  Junior Cam McSweeney and Sophomore Brian O’Connell, who have been a great team at practice this season played second doubles and rolled 6-0, 6-1.  Stoneham left Rahanis Park with a 0-5 defeat.

Belmont came to town on Friday afternoon with a young, promising team along with a 5-1 overall record.  The Marauders left town with their worst loss of the season, 0-5.  Junior Joe Piotti continued his stellar season at the number one singles position.  Piotti defeated league all-star Zac Wooster  6-3, 6-1 by using his topspin forehand along with some accurate volleys.  Tanna followed suit at the number two position with an impressive 6-3, 6-1 victory over a promising freshman. 

Senior Mike Calder, who is getting comfortable at the number three slot, played his best match of the season, ousting Richie Yuan 7-6, 6-1.  Calder wore down his foe with relentless groundstrokes, determination, and consistenc

The doubles teams were equally as impressive.  Repunte and junior Derek Skinner have been reunited by coach Newton and the two league all-stars from 2010 have not disappointed.  The duo defeated a strong pair from Belmont 6-1, 6-2 in dynamic fashion using a variety of drop volleys, slices, and lobs.

Romano and senior Tanishq Bhalla have been a strong doubles pair for the Red Devils this season.  On this day, the pair started slowly but the n picked it up and looked intimidating in the process.  The final was 7-5, 6-1.  Overall, the team had its most impressive victory in this young season. 

Burlington has two vacation matches versus Woburn and Wakefield, and then after that the Red Devils have two of their biggest matches of the season back to back on Monday and Wednesday afternoon at Rahanis Park.  Lexington and Winchester, two of the other top teams in the state come to visit.  Both matches are at 3:30 p.m.

The BHS boys tennis team won both of their matches over the school vacation week.  The Red Devils swept Woburn 5-0, and then blanked Wakefield 5-0.  Overall, the squad now has a 7-1 record, and is still in second place in the Middlesex League. 

Coach Rob Newton got to play plenty of reserves in the two vacation matches.  “Our team is so strong that we can sit four or five regular starters and still be a very powerful team. “ A lot of these guys are working hard in practice and challenge matches and deserve a chance to play.” 

Woburn came to Rahanis Park last Thursday and it was an extremely windy day.  Senior co-captain Raghav Tanna continues to cruise this season and this day was no different.  E dispatched his opponent at first singles 6-0, 6-0.  Sophomore Dean Boodakian played second singles and was equally as impressive.  His scorers were 6-1, 6-3.  Freshman Scott Barrett stepped in and played third singles versus the Tanners.  The Red Devil prevailed 6-3, 6-4. 

Seniors Tyler Baczewski and Jason Tarpey teamed up at the first doubles position. The duo got off to a slow start but turned it on as the match progressed.  The final was 7-5, 6-1.  Freshmen Eric Johnson and Matt Martin also got off to a slow start at the second doubles position.  The two then calmed down and were nearly unbeatable.  The scores were 2-6, 6-2, 6-0.  Overall, Woburn left town without winning a single match.

The next day, Friday, the team got on a bus and headed to Bear Hill Country
Club in Stoneham to take on the Wakefield Warriors.  Coach Newton was able to put six new players in to the lineup.   Tanna remained at the number one position and rolled 6-1, 6-0.  The senior  is now 7-1 on the season.  Sophomore Brian O’Connell, who has improved tremendously this season, played second singles on this day and crushed his opponent 6-1, 6-1.  Another sophomore, Brien Diffley, made his debut at the varsity level.  Diffley won 6-4, 6-3 at number three singles. 

Seniors James Walsh and Jimmy Silva paired up at the first doubles position.  Strong first serves and powerful volleys carried the Red Devil tandem to a 6-1, 6-0 victory.  Sophomore Brian Minghella and senior Danny Grassi played second doubles and recorded an official double bagel, winning 6-0, 6-0.  Burlington left town with a 5-0 team victory.

The team had some big matches on Tuesday and Wednesday this past week versus rivals Lexington and Winchester.  Results were not available before press time.  The season is approximately half way through, and Burlington has been improving with each match.  Hopefully the weather will finally turn and the team can get some nice conditions to train and play in.    

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boys Track Update

Belmont 35 @Burlington 99 on 4/19/2011

400m Hurdles: 1. Trevor Dutton (B) 62.5
2. Palo (Bel) 63.9
3. Clifford Pierre-Louis (B) 64.2

One Mile: 1. Gideon Kasirye (B) 4:49.2
2. Deignan (Bel) 4:49.5
3. David Perloff (B) 5:02.3

4 x 100m Relay: 1. Burlington 47.7
Ev Guerrier, Tad Pierre-Louis, Takunda Muzembe, Dan McDermott)

Long Jump: 1. Takunda Muzembe (B) 18’ 10.5”
2. Sandvik (Bel) 18’ 9.5”
3. Evander Berrouet (B) 17’ 8”

High Jump: 1. Jake Rosenberg (B) 5’ 6”
2. Bobby Bonetti (B) 5’ 6”
3. No Third

Javelin: 1. Martin (Bel) 127’ 9”
2. Nichols (Bel) 126’ 7”
3. Messer (Bel) 120’ 10”

Shot Put: 1. Joe Hoffman (B) 43’ 11.75”
2. Alex Alessi (B) 38’ 6.75”
3. Anuj Patel (B) 38’ 6.25”

Triple Jump: 1. Jake Rosenberg (B) 36’ 9.5”
2. Palo (Bel) 34’ 9.75”
3. No Third

Discus: 1. Anuj Patel (B) 117’ 3”
2. Joe Hoffman (B) 116’ 6”
3. Steve Healey (B) 102’ 5”

110m Hurdles: 1. Jake Rosenberg (B) 16.9
2. Nick Paraskevas (B) 19.1
3. Clifford Pierre-Louis (B) 19.7

100 meters: 1. Markantonis (Bel) 11.9
2. Connor Owens (B) 12.0
3. Sandvik (Bel) 12.1

400 meters: 1. Trevor Dutton (B) 54.4
2. Eric Minghella (B) 55.3
3. Deignan (Bel) 56.2

800 meters: 1. David Taranto (B) 2:02.8
2. Christos Saledas (B) 2:13.9
3. Arciprete (Bel) 2:17.2

200 meters: 1. Markantonis (Bel) 24.3
2. Connor Owens (B) 24.7
3. Sandvik (Bel) 24.9

2 Mile: 1. Chris Cao (B) 11:12.7
2. Zack Wilkins (B) 11:23.0
3. Ben Kalibala (B) 11:34.5

4 x 400m Relay: 1. Burlington 4:08.5
(Gideon Kasirye, Matt Ackerman, Tad Pierre-Louis, TK)

Burlington (3-1)
Belmont (0-3)

Next Meet: Woburn @ Burlington on Tuesday, April 26, 2011.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big Day for Coach Curtin

Congratulations to Baseball Coach, Jim Curtin on his 600th win at yesterday's home game vs. Watertown.  Coach Curtin is one of only five coaches who have achieved this tremendous goal.    

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Girls Lacrosse Update

The girl's lacrosse team beat Watertown on Saturday 17-7. The offense did a great job! Top goal scorers were Jean Hanafin and Rachel Joyce with 4 goals each, and Erin Clark with 3 goals. On Monday, the lady devil's traveled to Belmont and suffered their first loss of the season. The lady devils are now 2-1.

Boys Track vs. Watertown

The boys track team won 15 of 16 events on their way to a 109-27 victory over Watertown. The win moves the Red Devils to 2-0 and sets up an early-season show down with Reading this Friday at Reading Memorial High. Meet Results are below:
400m Hurdles: 1. Clifford Pierre-Louis (B) 64.8

2. Adam Bonfilio (B) 67.4

3. Wilson-Braun (W) 69.8

One Mile: 1. David Taranto (B) 4:32.1

2. Eskici (W) 4:54.9

3. Hoiseth (W) 4:55.6

4 x 100m Relay: 1. Burlington 46.5

Ev Guerrier, Tad Pierre-Louis, Matt Corsino, Dan McDermott)

Long Jump: 1. Takunda Muzembe (B) 20’ 9.25”

2. Evander Berrouet (B) 19’ 0.75”

3. Alvarez (W) 18’ 6.25”

High Jump: 1. Bobby Bonetti (B) 5’ 8”

2. Jake Rosenberg (B) 5’ 6”

3. Garbier (W) 5’ 2”

Javelin: 1. McCusker (W) 127’ 10”

2. Zack Miliano (B) 113’ 6”

3. Lally (W) 92’ 7”

Shot Put: 1. Joe Hoffman (B) 47’ 5.5”

2. Stohlman (W) 45’ 4.25”

3. Nico Blasé (B) 44’ 4”

Triple Jump: 1. Jonathan Dube (B) 38’ 5”

2. Dan McDermott (B) 37’ 2.5”

3. J. Holland (W) 35’ 11.75”

Discus: 1. Joe Hoffman (B) 117’ 7”

2. Anuj Patel (B) 109’ 0”

3. Stohlman (W) 102’ 1”

110m Hurdles: 1. Jake Rosenberg (B) 16.4

2. Nick Paraskevas (B) 18.1

3. J. Holland (W) 18.6

100 meters: 1. Dan McDermott (B) 11.8

2. Takunda Muzembe (B) 12.0

3. Marcus Odiah (B) 12.1

400 meters: 1. Gideon Kasirye (B) 53.9

2. Alvarez (W) 54.7

3. Matt Corsino (B) 55.4

800 meters: 1. Trevor Dutton (B) 2:03.8

2. Jason Steinbach (B) 2:07.4

3. Garbier (W) 2:09.0

200 meters: 1. Ev Guerrier (B) 24.7

2. Tad Pierre-Louis (B) 24.9

3. J. Holland (W) 25.0

2 Mile: 1. David Perloff (B) 10:34.8

2. A. Holland (W) 10:46.9

3. Ben Kalibala (B) 11:50.5

4 x 400m Relay: 1. Burlington 3:53.4

(Christos Saledas, Roshan Kumar, Gideon Kasirye, Trevor Dutton)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Boys Track Home Opener

The Boys Track team opened their season with a 93 to 43 victory over Wakefield on Thursday. Burlington won 14 of 16 events. Every Red Devil event winner met the Division III State Qualifying mark (Q) for the post-season tournament.

Wakefield 43 @ Burlington 93 on 4/7/2011
400m Hurdles:
1. Miksis (W) 63.3
2. Clifford Pierre-Louis (B) 63.9
3. Adam Bonfilio (B) 66.
One Mile:
1. Trevor Dutton (B) 4:43.6 Q
2. Bridges (W) 4:49.0
3. Lucci (W) 4:54.1

4 x 100m Relay:
1. Burlington 46.4 Q
Ev Guerrier, Takunda Muzembe, Dan McDermott, Marcus Odiah

Long Jump:
1. Takunda Muzembe (B) 21’ 3.5" Q
2. Tassanari (W) 19’ 1.5"
3. Matt Corsino (B) 18’ 5"

High Jump:
1. Bobby Bonetti (B) 5’ 10" Q
2. Miksis (W) 5’ 9"
3. Stackhouse (W) 5’ 8"

1. Kyle Sullivan (B) 151’ 0" Q
2. Geller (W) 123’ 2"
3. Feeley (W) 119’ 7"

Shot Put:
1. Joe Hoffman (B) 43’ 4.25" Q
2. Nico Blasé (B) 41’ 10.5"
3. Feeley (W) 40’ 10"

Triple Jump:
1. Jonathan Dube (B) 39’ 8" Q
2. Puccio (W) 39’ 0"
3. Dan McDermott (B) 37’ 3.25"

1. Joe Hoffman (B) 125’ 1" Q
2. Anuj Patel (B) 107’ 4"
3. Johnson (W) 105’ 3"

110m Hurdles:
1. Jake Rosenberg (B) 16.4 Q
2. Adam Bonfilio (B) 18.3
3. Nick Paraskevas (B) 18.7

100 meters:
1. Tassanari (W) 11.5
2. Marcus Odiah (B) 11.6
3. Dan MCdermott (B) 11.7

400 meters:
1. Miksis (W) 55.2
2. Eric Minghella (B) 55.3
3. Connor Owens (B) 55.9

800 meters:
1. Gideon Kasirye (B) 2:04.4 Q
2. Jason Steinbach (B) 2:08.8
3. Christos Saledas (B) 2:12.1

200 meters:
1. Tassanari (W) 23.5
2. Takunda Muzembe (B) 24.3 Q
3. Ev Guerrier (B) 24.4 Q

2 Mile:
1. David Taranto (B) 9:55.9 Q
2. Stackhouse (W) 10:23.7
3. David Perloff (B) 10:32.7

4 x 400m Relay:
1. Burlington 3:54.9
(Eric Minghella, Connor Owens, Gideon Kasirye, Trevor Dutton)

Burlington (1-0)
Wakefield (0-1)

Next Meet: Burlington @ Watertown on Monday, April 11, 2011.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Boys Lacrosse Beats Melrsoe

After a flurry of cancellations and rainouts, the Boys Varsity lacrosse team finally got their 2011 conference season underway Tuesday night on the turf.  Fresh off a victory over former prep powerhouse The Winchendon School; the Devils looked to make a statement against the Red Raiders of Melrose High.  From the opening faceoff, the message was clear… This was a different Burlington Lacrosse program.  Behind a stellar game in net from goalie and defensive backbone Chris Ikier, the defense held the Raiders scoreless until late in the fourth quarter.  Offensively, a James Haded led attack orchestrated a varied and persistent assault that resulted in eleven goals and a seemingly insurmountable lead early in the game.  Ultimately, the 11-2 final score did not quite do the debut performance justice.  With a new coaching staff and a senior laden lineup, the Devils are seemingly primed to make a splash in Massachusetts lacrosse this year.  Tuesday night was just the beginning.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Boys Track at Nationals

Competing in this weekends New Balance Indoor Track Nationals at the Armory in New York City on Friday were seniors Trevor Dutton and Joe Hoffman, junior David Taranto, and freshman Gabe Arcaro.

Dutton, running in the 800 meters, was 40th in 2:03.79.

Taranto, running in the mile with only one shoe after having one knocked off on the second lap, finished  22nd in 4:29.82.

Joe Hoffman was 9th in the shot put at 48' 11.5", missing the finals by one inch.

Gabe Arcaro was 15th in the 25 pound weight throw with a mark of 49' 7.25"

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tournament Update by Jaime Gweshe

Boys Varsity Basketball and Hockey

Saturday was a busy night for Burlington High athletics; both the Varsity boys hockey team and basketball team had Tournament games. For the boys of the hockey team, their season ended, however for the Burlington basketball season, their season is just starting to heat up.

On the basketball court, the Burlington Red Devils pushed past Boston Latin on Saturday night with a commanding 64-54 victory as well as secured themselves a spot in the Division 2 North Semifinals.

In the first quarter, junior Greg Sheridan scored eight points and fellow guard Ryan Putney had four points, by the end of the quarter Burlington posted a 17-10 lead over Boston Latin. Burlington was able to keep control of the pace of the game and showed great defensive coverage to be up 38-33 by the halftime.

The second half saw fairly low scoring by both Boston Latin as well as Burlington. In the third quarter Putney led the team in points with 7. In the third quarter it was once again Sheridan who led offensively alongside Putney. Both Putney and Sheridan each had 21 points on the night. With Mark Melanson, Shane Farley and Christian Morneweck, as well as the rest of the Devils team playing well, Burlington was able to keep Boston Latin at bay and come out with the win. Burlington will face Brighton on Thursday night.

On the rink Burlington suffered a 5-2 loss against St. Mary’s, ending their season. Things were looking good for the Devils heading into the second period. They had physically dominated the first period and held a 1-0 lead over their rivals. A little over five minuets into the second also gave Burlington what would be it’s largest lead of the night when Joe Berardi found the back of the net to put Burlington up 2-0.

However, Burlington’s intensity came crashing down after a power-pay goal by St. Mary’s. The Spartans quickly scored two more goals within ten seconds of each other to take the lead and the momentum away from the Devils. Goals by Derek Stella and Tim Aylward in the third period put the game out of reach for Burlington, and the Spartans closed the book on Burlington’s season.

In the opening period the Devil’s were fighting to win, with an unmatched level of intensity, emotion and determination. Burlington lit the lamp first with a goal by Junior Dan McMahon. McMahon got the wrap-around goal at 3:03, backhanding the puck into the net to give Burlington a 1-0 lead.

Going into the second period Burlington got deep into the attacking zone early and keep the momentum and intensity swinging in its favor. Brian Hood was able to score through heavy traffic in front of the net to tack on a second goal.

Tables rapidly turned for the Devils when Nikko Markham scored a power-play goal six minuets into the second period. Julian Yourawski followed this goal up with another one a minuet and a half later. Ten seconds after Yourawski’s goal, Brendan Mageary put the puck in the back of the net to give the Spartans the final 3-2 lead over the Devils.

“It’s been the story of our season,” said coach Bob Conceison, “Giving up quick back-to-back goals has been an issue with this team throughout the whole season.”

In the third period, the Spartans continued to pressure Burlington’s defense; Derek Stella scored at 4:18 and then it was Tim Aylward who put the game out of hand for Burlington with his goal at 13:12 giving St. Mary’s its last goal in a decisive 5-3 victory.

It was the last game in a Burlington uniform for captains Joey Centrella, Shane Matthews, and Chris Irwin, as well as for seniors Kyle Crowley, Mike Grinnell, Chris Rolli, Chris Theriault, P.J. Vigneau, and Justin Bonia.

In all Burlington will lose nine players, including top goal scorers Chris Irwin who had 24 points and senior Kyle Crowley who had 12 goals on the season, but Burlington’s future looks bright, as they will bring back all but two of their defensemen as well as top goal scorers and playmakers Brett Rompkey, Brian Hood, Joe Berardi, RJ Caruso, and Adam Crowley. They will also bring back two solid goaltenders in Nick DeSimone and Derek DeCastro.

Monday, March 7, 2011

MIAA Tournament Update

The Boys Hockey team played St. Mary's on Saturday, March 5th at the Joyce Rink in Quarter Final play.  The boys played hard and strong succumbing to St. Mary's with a final score of 5 - 2.   Thank you coaches and players for a great season.

The Boys Basketball team played Boston Latin Academy at home on Saturday, March 5th.  They were victorious over them with a final score of 64 - 54.  The Boys will move on to Semi-Final play time and location to be determined.  We will be supplying a free fan bus to support the team.   Congratulations to the players and coaches.

Friday, March 4, 2011

MIAA Division 3 State Boys Track Championship

Twenty members of the boys track team competed on Saturday at the MIAA Division 3 State Championship securing 23 points and a sixth place finish in the 60 team field.

Burlington’s first three competitors in the meet broke school records. In the mile, junior David Taranto ran in a pack of athletes finishing fourth in 4:22.68, less than two seconds out of first place and two seconds better than Kevin Sullivan’s 29-year-old record.

Junior Gideon Kasirye shaved another half second off his school record in the 600 meters with a time of 1:26.03. Junior Takunda Muzembe improved on his 20th seed with a third place finish at 20’ 11” breaking assistant coach Dan Indingaro’s school record. With Kevin Sullivan in attendance for the meet, all three school records were broken with the previous record holders in attendance.

Senior Trevor Dutton ran more than five seconds quicker than he ever had in the 1000 meters as he clocked in at 2:38.71 for an 8th place medal. Sophomore Mark Steinback also ran his best race ever, finishing in 2:45.72 for 19th.

Senior David Perloff ran the two mile in 10:11.56 for 18th place. Senior Jake Rosenberg was 21st in the 55-meter hurdles at 8.60 seconds. Junior Bobby Bonetti competed in the high jump. Senior Joe Hoffman was third in the shot put at 47’ 0.25” and junior Nico Blasé was 14th at 42’ 3”.

In the dash, Burlington had two underclassmen. Junior Dan McDermott, competing for the first time in weeks following a hamstring injury finished in 12th in 6.96 seconds and sophomore Ev Guerrier was 17th in 7.04 seconds.

Burlington fielded teams in all three relays with the 4 x 800 team securing a medal. Dutton, Kasirye, and Taranto were joined by sophomore Christos Saledas for a 4th place finish in 8:29.68. In the 4 x 200, Guerrier, and juniors Matt Corsino, Nick Ciardi, and Tad Pierre-Louis were tenth in 1:39.10. In the 4 x 400, juniors Chris Cao and Rick Landry along with seniors Tanishq Bhalla and Eric Minghella clocked in at 3:48.93.

Muzember (long jump), Hoffman (shot put), and Taranto (mile) move on to this Saturday’s All-State Championships at the Reggie Lewis Track in Boston.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Boys Hockey Tournament Play

The Red Devils are on to the next one

By Jaime Gweshe

During the playoffs in order to win, a team must show a high level of intensity, determination, grit, skill, and raw natural talent in order to move forwards in the competition. The boys of the Burlington Red Devils hockey team showed just that Wednesday night in a 3-1 victory over Andover.

“We came out hard,” said Chris Irwin, “the first five or six minuets we were all over them and I think that just set the momentum for the game for us. We knew that we could play these guys and we just had to do it.”

Burlington dominated Andover early in the first period by keeping the puck in the attacking zone and successfully battling for the puck in the neutral zone. With a strong blue line, the Devil’s were firing on all cylinders. Burlington’s Brett Rompkey lit the lamp for the first goal of the game sliding the puck low stick side past Andover’s Justin Berthiaume for the lead.

Goaltender Derek DeCastro was also playing at his best. DeCastro had three huge saves for Burlington with five minuets remaining in the period. This included a rebound attempt he saved by kicking the puck towards the neutral zone with his left skate. But his best save of the night came with 10 seconds left in the opening period.

Brian Hood scored Burlington’s second goal of the night to give Burlington the 2-0 lead in the opening minuets of the second period. This was the second goal for the third line and it was the second assist of the night for sophomore Joe Berardi.

“We started our third line today and I think they played their hearts out,” said senior Kyle Crowley, “They set the tone right away and everybody followed.”

Burlington had a tough time keeping out of the penalty box in the second period, spending a total of 4:22 on the penalty kill. During their last penalty kill of the period, Andover finally capitalized on one of the man advantage. Jimmy Burns tipped in a soft shot that managed to trickle past DeCastro to give Andover what would be it’s only goal of the night.

A face-off win in Burlington’s defensive zone in the third period helped the Devils get back into the swing of things. Trevor Cimino led an up ice rush right off of the face off win. Kyle Crowley got the pass from Cimino in the attacking zone and put the puck in back of the net to give Burlington what would be the last goal of the night, securing a 3-1 victory.

“It was great vision on Cimino’s part,” said Crowley, “the average high school hockey player doesn’t make those kinds of plays, he chipped that puck past the defensemen and I was just thinking five hole all the way and I just threw the puck on net and when you throw the puck on net good things happen.”

Looking forward to Saturday’s game against St. Mary’s Burlington knows that they need to play at their best in order to get the win, something they are perfectly capable of doing with a strong offensive, defensive and goaltending core.

“We’re ready for them,” said captain Joey Centrella, “and we are going to be firing just because of last year especially. We are up to the challenge.”

For returning players it is a chance to exact some revenge on the team that kicked them out of the playoff sport last year. And the seniors are fighting to continue their high school hockey-playing career.

“I always say to the seniors, ‘how do you want to be remembered as a Burlington High hockey player?” said captain Chris Irwin after the game, “This is it, we have to play like its our last shift, every shift. If you take one shift off they could score and then your season is over. Leave everything on the ice and have no regrets, we just have to play as hard as we can.”

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Red Devil of the Week for Week Ending February 20, 2011

Congratulations to

David Taranto
Gideon Kasirye
Takunda Muzembe
Indoor Track

David, Gideon and Takunda all broke school records at the MIAA Division 3 Championship.  Kasirye bettered his own time in the 600 at 1:26.03.  Muzembe beat Assistant Coach Dan Indingaro's 2006 long jump record at 20'11".  Taranto beat Kevin Sullivan's 1982 mile record at 4:22.68.

Friday, February 18, 2011

2010-2011 Boys State Gymnastics Tournament

The Red Devils competed in the MIAA State Tournament last Friday where they came in third, missing second by 1.5 points. Their over all performance was very intense which was a credit to the senior class.
The boy’s team had a great showing in the individual portion of the competition by winning medals in several events:
Dion Santiago placed 4th on floor.
Tyler Baczewski placed 6th on pommel horse.
Joe Hanafin placed 5th on high bar, 4th on parallel bars, and tied for 6th with James Walsh on the vault.
Cory Pease placed 3rd on rings and Ryan Shea placed 6th on rings.

Red Devils Boys Take Home 21 Medals

The boy’s finished their season hosting the Coaches Invitational and taking home 21 medals including a 1st place on rings by Cory Pease and 1st on floor by Dion Santiago.
Senior team mate Ryan Shea joined Pease on the podium with a 2nd finish on rings, with Eric Duran and Derek Ostlund following in 3rd and 4th.
The red devils stood in the top 3 spots with Dion 1st, Joe Hanafin 2nd and Doug Johnson finishing 3rd on floor.
Three more medals were won on pommel horse when Tyler Baczewski took 2nd place, Josh Rosenberg took 5th and Peter DeBarros took 6th.
Evan Burt took 3rd on parallel bars while Tyler and Joe picked up their second medals of the night with 4th and 5th place finishes.
The high bar podium was crowed with red devils as, Pat Gallivan, Mike Brown, Alex Pearsons and Joe Sateriale took the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place awards.
The same was true when the vaulting medals were awarded to James “Walshie” Walsh, Doug Johnson, Kyle Stanley and Ryan Shea in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th place.

This year BHS Red Devils team of 30 came in second in the Eastern Mass. League and Captain Tyler Baczewski was named Eastern Mass Senior Gymnast of the year. This year’s team graduates eleven gymnasts.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Red Devil of the Week Ending February 12, 2011

February 12, 2011

Cara DiPerna
Girls Gymnastics

In the league meet Cara DiPerna scored a 9.3 on balance beam, and in state individuals she had another great performance with no falls on the balance beam. Cara is a dedicated, determined, and hard-working young lady. She has been an asset to the team for the past four years.

Video From BHS-Stoneham Boys Hockey

As always, thanks to Mr. McRae for the great video!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Boys Hockey vs. Stoneham reported by Jaime Gweshe

The Red Devils lit up the scoreboard and are now within two points of reaching the MIAA State Tournament with after Monday night’s effort against the Stoneham Spartans.

Burlington’s Kyle Crowley scored 45 seconds into the first period giving the Devils the early lead. Crowley followed up his first goal with another one fourteen minutes later to give Burlington a 2-0 lead heading into the intermission.

It was captain Chris Irwin who put the Spartans in a 3-0 deficit with his goal at 1:45 in the second period. Irwin would score his second goal of the night at 13:03. Kyle Crowley got a hat trick with his third goal of the night with less than a minuet left in the second period.

The third period was another strong fifteen minutes for the Devils. At 6:16 Irwin sent a few more hats down to the ice with his third goal of the night to put the Devils at a solid 6-0 lead. Burlington’s attempt to shut out Stoneham was stopped when Dalton Cox scored on a newly put in Nick DeSimone at 10:55. Burlington didn’t waste much time to respond to Stoneham’s attempt to inspire a tally when Joe Moran scored a minuet later. PJ Vigneau scored shortly after Moran for his second point of the night, his first coming from an assist on Moran’s goal in his previous shift. Captain Shane Matthews netted in a shot that finalized a solid 9-1 win for the Devils.

Burlington faces Winchester Wednesday night looking to gain those needed two points to qualify for the state tournament. “Every game from now on is must win for us,” said senior Kyle Crowley who had a hat trick in the game, “we have to focus on two points every night. Every time we step in the rink its two points. That’s all we want.”

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Girls Gymnastics Standings

Congratulations to the following members of the girl’s gymnastics team:

Haley Vercollone (BARS)
Cara DiPerna (BEAM)
Alyssa Mitchell (BEAM)
Casey Landry (FLOOR)

They have qualified for the state individual tournament,which will take place this Sunday at 10:30am at Algonquin High School.

Also, Congratulations to the following girl’s who have received awards from the  Middlesex League for their outstanding performances this season!

Alyssa Mitchell 1st All-Star (BEAM)
Cara DiPerna 2nd All-Star (BEAM)
Haley Vercollone 2nd All-Star (BARS)
Casey Landry Honorable Mention (BEAM)
Amber Speck Honorable Mention  (VAULT)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wrestling Sectional Duals Results

Burlington went 0-3 at the sectional duals.

They finish the 2011 season with a 1-27 record.

Here are the individual results.

 Burlington 22 Whittier Tech 36

103 Steve Giampapa B  WBF 1:01 Tyler Tannian

112 Josh Diaz W WBF 1:25 Andy Hubbard

119 Travis Yell W Forfeit

125 Tyler Bard W Forfeit

130 Edgar Centeritcki W Forfeit

135 Mark Welsch B  Forfeit

140 Munish Gandevia B  WBF 1:23

145 Shane Surette W WBF 1:10 Dave Swiniarkski

152 no contest

160 Luke Nigro B  10-0 Jack Morton

171 Nick Predki W WBF 3:37 John Dube

189 no contest

215 no contest

285 no contest

Burlington 9 Beverly 39

112 Steve Giampapa Burl 11-6 Connor Sullivan

119 Antwan Tran Bev WBF 1:12 Andy Hubbard

125 Nick Pariano Bev Forfeit

130 Brian Foley Bev Forfeit

135 Yan Aguedlo Bev 11-7 Mark Welsch

140 Steve Wilbur Bev WBF 4:45 Munish Gandevia

145 Kris Stefani Bev WBF 1:15 Dave Swiniarkski

152 Luke Nigro Burl WBF 3:34 Blake Sullivan

160 no contest

171 Noah Convincer Bev WBF 2:31 John Dube

189 no contest

215 no contest

285 no contest

103 no contest

Burlington 15 Salem 23

135 Joey Dinh S WBF :30 Mark Welsch

140 Kyle Hardy S WBF 1:15 Munish Gandevia

145 Josh Lausier S WBF 1:38 Dave Swiniarkski

152 Luke Nigro B 8-0 Jake Theriault

160 no contest

171 John Dube B WBF :52 Jon Lausier

189 no contest

215 no contest

285 no contest

103 Steve Giampapa B WBTF 19-4 5:30 Trinaned Raji

112 Robert Duong S WBTF 15-0 3:00 Andy Hubbard

119 no contest

125 no contest

130 no contest

Monday, February 7, 2011

Girls Gymnastics end their regular season

The Girl’s Gymnastics team finished their regular season on Thursday with a win over Woburn 125.55 to 120.55.  The girl’s took second in the Middlesex League meet on Saturday.  The team is ranked second in the league, and according to boston.com the girl’s are in thirteenth place out of the thirty-five teams in the North.  

Monday, January 31, 2011

Girls Indoor Track - Coaches Invitational

On January 29th, the Burlington Girls 4x800m team won the

Coaches Invitational meet race in a time of 9:50.63. The team was made up

of Kristen Humphreys, Jaclyn Jensen, Jennifer Hamvas and Erin Rielly. The

foursome also set the school record for the event.

on January 29th, the Burlington Girls 4x800m team won the

Coaches Invitational meet race in a time of 9:50.63. The team was made up

of Kristen Humphreys, Jaclyn Jensen, Jennifer Hamvas and Erin Rielly. The

foursome also set the school record for the event.

on January 29th, the Burlington Girls 4x800m team won the

Coaches Invitational meet race in a time of 9:50.63. The team was made up

of Kristen Humphreys, Jaclyn Jensen, Jennifer Hamvas and Erin Rielly. The

foursome also set the school record for the event.

on January 29th, the Burlington Girls 4x800m team won the

Coaches Invitational meet race in a time of 9:50.63. The team was made up

of Kristen Humphreys, Jaclyn Jensen, Jennifer Hamvas and Erin Rielly. The

foursome also set the school record for the event.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Boys Indoor Track Middlesex League Update and Boys Swim

Boys Swim vs. Melrose

Burlington Defeated Melrose 50 to 41 at the Melrose YMCA.  Meet results are as follows....


 200FREE - 1 (BUR) 2:06.65 JON DIRUSSO, 2 (BUR) 2:25.34 RYAN KNOX, 3 (MEL) MARK PAMPANIN 2:41.13

 200IM - 1 (BUR) 2:26.36 BEN AULENBACK, 2 (MEL) 2:26.54 ROB KINNEALEY, 3 (BUR) 2:51.44 DAN CONLEY

 50FREE - 1 (BUR) 25.00 SHANE RYAN, 2 (BUR) 28.95 ED GELBERG, 3 (MEL) 29.25 TIM HOPWELL

 100FLY - 1(BUR) 1:06.32 RYAN GILPIN, 2 (MEL) 1:12.87 ANDREY DAVIDHOVICH, 3 (BUR) 1:32.72 DAN CONLEY

 100FREE - 1 (BUR) 1:02.44 BEN AULENBACK, 2 (BUR) 1:04.37 NICK ROSE, 3 (MEL) 1:06.69 CONNOR MASON

 500FREE - 1 (BUR) 5:52.26 JON DIRUSSO, 2 (BUR) JAY BAIA 6:39.03, 3(MEL) 7:37.09 BRIAN DELCORE


 100BACK - 1 (BUR) 1:04.66 SHANE RYAN, 2 (MEL) JOSH YEE 1:16.03, 3 (BUR) 1:17.34 H DEKAIDEK

 100 BREAST - 1 (MEL) 1:17.62 ROB KINNEALEY, 2 (BUR) 1:21.69, 3 (MEL) 1:24.25 RICH BRACH



Burlington Defeated Melrose 50 to 41 at the Melrose YMCA.  Meet results are as follows....


200FREE - 1 (BUR) 2:06.65 JON DIRUSSO, 2 (BUR) 2:25.34 RYAN KNOX, 3 (MEL) MARK PAMPANIN 2:41.13

200IM - 1 (BUR) 2:26.36 BEN AULENBACK, 2 (MEL) 2:26.54 ROB KINNEALEY, 3 (BUR) 2:51.44 DAN CONLEY

50FREE - 1 (BUR) 25.00 SHANE RYAN, 2 (BUR) 28.95 ED GELBERG, 3 (MEL) 29.25 TIM HOPWELL

100FLY - 1(BUR) 1:06.32 RYAN GILPIN, 2 (MEL) 1:12.87 ANDREY DAVIDHOVICH, 3 (BUR) 1:32.72 DAN CONLEY

100FREE - 1 (BUR) 1:02.44 BEN AULENBACK, 2 (BUR) 1:04.37 NICK ROSE, 3 (MEL) 1:06.69 CONNOR MASON

500FREE - 1 (BUR) 5:52.26 JON DIRUSSO, 2 (BUR) JAY BAIA 6:39.03, 3(MEL) 7:37.09 BRIAN DELCORE


100BACK - 1 (BUR) 1:04.66 SHANE RYAN, 2 (MEL) JOSH YEE 1:16.03, 3 (BUR) 1:17.34 H DEKAIDEK

100 BREAST - 1 (MEL) 1:17.62 ROB KINNEALEY, 2 (BUR) 1:21.69, 3 (MEL) 1:24.25 RICH BRACH



Members of the Burlington High boys track team dominated the Middlesex League Championships Wednesday night at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston. In addition to having the most points in championship scoring, Burlington athletes won three of the ten events and six athletes either qualified for the state championship or improved their qualifying mark.

David Taranto (mile), Trevor Dutton (1000 meters) and David Perloff (2 mile) each won their events. Taranto's 4:26 .54 in the mile missed Kevin Sullivan's 28 year old school record by 2 seconds.

Gideon Kasirye set a school record in the 600 meters, running a 1:26. 23 to improve on Shaun Tirrell's 2004 mark of 1:26.50.

Mark Steinback (2:46.58) and Jake Rosenberg (8.41) also posted qualifying marks for the Division 3 Championship in the 1000 meters and 55-meter hurdles respectively.

Also medaling for Burlington were Zach Wilkins (6th in the mile), Paul Hogan (3rd in the 2 mile), Dan McDermott (6th in the dash), Bobby Bonetti and Nick Salvucci (tied for 3rd in the high jump), Joe Hoffman (2nd in the shot put), Nico Blase (3rd in the shot put), Takunda Muzembe (4th in the long jump) and Clifford Pierre-Louis (6th in the long jump).

Middlesex League Indoor Track Update

Burlington Girls Varsity track shines at the league meet

Boston, MA - On Wednesday night, the top Burlington girls varsity athletes competed in their league championship meet at the Reggie Lewis track facility.  Burlington had many girls receiving medals for their top 6 place.  In the one mile, Jaclyn Jensen ran a strong race finishing 4th with a time of 5:39.55.  In the 1000m, Erin Reilly set the school record with another dominating performance with a time of 3:06.88.  Kristin Humphreys also came in 5th with a time of 3:16.54.  In the shot put, Ashley Steadman continued to throw well taking 2nd with a throw of 34’ 0”.  In the 55m hurdles, Jennifer Sheldon qualified for finals and came in 6th with a time of 9.8 seconds.  The 4x200 team of Katie O’Connor, Gam Dhliwayo, Danielle Coveno and Valentina Lopez finished 5th with a time of 1:59.48.  the 4x400 team of Kristen Humphreys, Jaclyn Jensen, Nicole Hardy and Erin Reilly finished 6th with a time of 4:29.65.

Two Mile             2 Jennifer Hamvas 12:23.01         16 Kalpita Patel 14:09.85  17 Ashley Romano 14:25.58

High Jump           13 Catie Riggs 4’ 6”           15 Elizabeth Johnson 4’ 6”

1000                       1 Erin Reilly 3:06.88          5 Kristin Humphreys 3:16.54        17 Brianna MacDonald 3:30.67

600                         14 Amy MacDonald 1:52.93          17 Danielle Coveno 1:53.96          18 Trusha Bhatt 1:55.93

Shot put               2 Ashley Steadman 34’ 0”             7 Taylor Steinberg 29’ 0”   9 Corinna DiSanto 28’ 0”

300                         17 Nicole Hardy 48.14     18 Gam Dhliwayo 48.20 20 Eva Mayo 49.26

1 Mile                    4 Jaclyn Jensen 5:39.55  11 Lauren Boyle 6:02.83 19 Allison Pflanz 6:16.26

55M Hurdles      6 Jennifer Sheldon 9.8   9 Katie O’Connor 10.06  26 Katie Desmond 10.95

55M Dash            18 Elizabeth Burkhart 8.28 19 Devon Doherty 8.38             21 Valentina Lopez 8.42

4x200m                                5 Katie O’Connor, Gam Dhliwayo, Danielle Coveno, Valentina Lopez 1:59.48

4x400m                                6 Kristen Humphreys, Jaclyn Jensen, Nicole Hardy, Erin Reilly 4:29.65                      

Boys Indoor Track vs. Reading

The BHS Boys Indoor Track team defeated Reading 43.5 to 42.5 on Tuesday night to move their record to 5-0 this season. The victory marked only the third time Burlington has beaten Reading in the history of Middlesex League track and field competition.

Event victories for Burlington were earned by David Perloff in the two mile, David Taranto in the mile, Joe Hoffman in the shot put, and Bobby Bonetti in the high jump. Bonetti won a jump off in the high jump for first place securing critical points for the Red Devils.

Burlington opened the meet with a 1-3 finish in the two mile by Perloff and freshman Paul Hogan. Trevor Dutton split a 1-3 Reading finish in the 1000 meters to move the meet score to 9-9.

Led by Joe Hoffman, the Burlington shot putters took the top three spots and 9 points for an 18-9 lead. Second and third were secured by Anuj Patel and Steve Healey. Gideon Kasirye finished second in the 600-meters and Connor Owens was just out-leaned at the finish line in the 300 meters for first place with Takunda Muzembe taking third and giving Burlington a 25-20 lead half way through the meet.

David Taranto cruised to victory in the mile with Zach Wilkins taking a key third place. Bonetti won the high jump and Anthony Salvucci tied for third earning an additional ½ point. After Jake Rosenberg’s second place in the 55-meter high hurdles, Burlington led 39.5 to 32.5, 4 points short of a victory.

In the final event before the relay, the sprinting duo of Dan McDermott and Ev Guerrier finished 2-3 wrapping up the victory for Burlington prior to the relay.

Weekly Update

Boys Hockey vs. Melrose

By: Jaime Gweshe

The Red Devils continued to play a sound defense as well as light up the scoreboard in a 5-0 shutout against the Melrose Red Raiders Wednesday night. Despite the game being rather inconsistent for the Devils, the team is now riding on a four game win streak largely due to the acquisition of key players back into the lineup that have been injured. Four healthy offensive lines as well as a defense that seems to be getting more comfortable on the blue line with each start helped Burlington come out with the win.

“Ever since we lost those two games in a row, I think we’ve come back with a new attitude,” said forward Trevor Cimino, “We came out harder, worked harder at practice and I think it paid of for us tonight.”

Trevor Cimino’s first goal of the night at 5:23 seemed to give the team a much-needed burst of energy and helped swing momentum Burlington’s favor. Shortly after Trevor’s goal the Devils got the puck into the attacking zone more and increase their net pressure.

Cimino has been on a lengthy streak of goals and assists for Burlington this season, his teammates look to his preparation for games as being key to his success, “He’s just been stepping up, especially for a junior,” said fellow eleventh grader Steve Mattos, “he’s been working hard in practice, and he does what he needs to do on and off the ice, he’s just getting it done.”

Chris Irwin further energized the team when he scored the second goal of the night giving the Devil’s a 2-0 lead. One of the most entertaining things to watch certainly is when ever a goal is scored and Chris Irwin is on the ice there is sure to be a huge grin on his face and excitement that seems to be infectious to the rest of his teammates. “I just get so excited when I score, even when I get an assisted. I just love being on the ice when a goal is scored.” Said Irwin after the game.

“Irwin being a captain and senior he’s a really great leader, he stepped up when he needed to and really got the ball rolling for everyone to start scoring.” Said Steven Mattos regarding the way Chris Irwin seemed to spark the offense.

Kyle Crowley later added to Burlington’s lead with his goal at 12:21. Crowley certainly has had Melrose’s number when it comes to putting the puck in the net. The eldest Crowley brother had goals in both the first and second period Wednesday night for the Devils; he also had two goals and an assist back in December when the Devils first played Melrose at the Flynn Rink.

The second period was once again started with the Melrose offense surging into the Devil’s defensive zone. But between diving stops by defensemen like RJ Caruso and hard hits by guys like Shane Matthews and Mike Grinnell, those mixed with the continued excellence from goalie Derek DeCastro helped keep Melrose at bay. Kyle Crowley netted in his second goal of the night at 9:32 to give Burlington the 4-0 lead. Then it was Trevor Cimino’s turn to light the lamp again for his second goal of the night less than a minuet after Crowley’s goal. One of the bigger stories of the night was another outstanding performance from Burlington’s goaltender Derek DeCastro.

With the shutout Wednesday night and in DeCastro’s last three starts in net he has let in just three goals and has made 60 saves to help Burlington win games against some very good teams in the Middlesex League as well as an out of league game against Billerica.

“The team is definitely really confident with Derek in net, he brings a lot of confidence to the team,” said junior Trevor Cimino who had two goals and two assists in the game, “He brings a spark to out team and he’s great every game.”

The players that show up on the score sheet in tonight’s games weren’t the only ones making a huge difference in the win against Melrose. Players such as Brendan Slowe and Mike Grinnell add to Burlington’s depth and talent on the blue line, providing even more physicality to the team as well as creating scoring opportunities and preventing turnovers in the neutral zone.

Burlington will look to their next game at home against Reading Saturday night at the Burlington Ice Palace.

Melrose 0-0-0-0

First Period: B-Cimino (unassisted); B-Irwin (McMahn) 5:23; B-K.Crowley (Cimino, Rompkey) 12:21 Penalties: B-Diffley (slashing) 1:06; B-Matthews 2:33 (crosschecking).

Second Period: B-K.Crowley (Cimino, Caruso) 9:32; B-Cimino (Mattos) 10:28 Penalties: B-Matthews (holding) 8:34; M-Murphy ( crosschecking) 8:42; M-Finimani (roughing) 10:54

Third Period: No scoring. Penalties: B-Mattos (crosschecking) 3:57; M-Hanson (roughing) 3:57; B-Diffley (interference) 3:57; M-Murphy (slashing) 12:40.

Shots on Goal: Burlington 9-14-5-28 Melrose 4-5-5-14

Goalies (saves): B-DeCastro (14) M-Marshall (23)

Wakefield 28 Burlington 16

103 Steve Giampapa (B) 10-1 Tyler Zolud

112 Ben Spicer (W) 15-2 Andy Hubbard

119 Mike Arangio (W) Forfeit

125 No Contest

130 No Contest

135 Mark Welsch (B) WBF 1:47 Brian O'Callahan

140 Brendan Perry (W) WBF :37 Munish Gandevia

145 Matt Attaya (W) WBF 3:36 Dave Swiniarksi

152 Tom Winsor (W) Forfeit

160 Luke Nigro (B) 6-0 John Callhan

171 No Contest

189 No Contest

215 AJ Lee (B) 1-0 Zack Allard

285 No Contest

Burlington is now 1-23

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winning Night for Girls and Boys Gymnastics

On Tuesday night the Boys successfully competed against Newton North and Newton South winning with a score of 159.  The boys record is 3 - 0.

The girl’s gymnastics team is now 3-1.  The girls beat Wakefield on Monday 133.85 to 120.8 and then went on to beat Stoneham on Tuesday receiving their highest score this season 134.4 Stoneham went a 129.15. In the past two meets the girls have put up some big scores.  Casey Landry (9.15) on floor, Alyssa Mitchell (9.0) on floor and a (9.3) on balance beam, Cara DiPerna (9.0) on beam, and Haley Vercollone with a (8.6) on the uneven bars.  Their last home meet is on Friday night at home against Winchester 7pm. Come and show your support!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Great Win for Boys Hockey vs. Winchester

The following was written by  our own sophomore sports writer, Jaime Gweshe.

The Red Devils displayed their ability to be a dominant powerhouse on both ends of the ice in a 7-1 win against the Winchester Sachems Monday night at the Burlington Ice Palace. Captain Chris Irwin and junior Dan McMahon led the Burlington offensive rush with two goals and an assist each.

In the first period, Burlington set the momentum for the game right from the opening face off. They played a more energized and gritty style of hockey and therefore were able to stop a surging Winchester offense, as well as create scoring opportunities in the attacking zone. Although the first period remained scoreless, it was a hard fought battle for the Devils, especially at the blue line. All five of the Burlington defensemen weren’t afraid to throw their bodies around to create big hits and block shots.

“We talk about the little things that show your intensity and that’s one of the things,” said Coach Conceison. “We hadn’t been a gritty enough team in some of our earlier games but we’re starting to find that little bit of toughness that we need as a team.”

Burlington’s defensive and offensive efforts were rewarded in the second period after allowing Winchester’s Dan Donovan to score the first goal of the game at 2:50. Burlington didn’t waste any time tying the game up, Chris Irwin answered Winchester’s goal less than 20 seconds later with his first of the night. Burlington continued to dominate in the second period with a goal by Trevor Cimino at 5:45 that gave Burlington the lead. Irwin netted in his second goal of the night at 14:01 to put the Devils up 3-1. And it was Joe Berardi who scored with 56 second left in the second period to send the Devils into intermission with a 4-1 lead over the Sachems.

The third period was the last in an unyielding effort by the Devils. Chris Irwin brought the puck up ice and made the pass to Dan McMahon who shot the one-timer past two Winchester defensemen and beat Jed Robinson stick side to add onto Burlington’s lead. This resulted in a goaltending change for the Sachems, who put in Peter Olson, the switch wasn’t enough to slow down Burlington. Kyle Crowley, who was back into the lineup after missing two games, scored 48 second after McMahon. Crowley was able to beat an out of position Olson, scoring on the rebound. Then with less than 30 seconds left in the game it was Dan McMahon who topped off his stellar game with a goal at 14:28 finalizing the score 7-1 in favor of the Devils.

“[Our defense] knew that they had to be physical, but in a smart way. They knew that they had to be more disciplined in all aspects of their game and that’s what they did,” said Chris Irwin after the game. “They might be young, but they all play like senior defensemen.”

At the start of the season the Burlington defense was plagued with bouts of inconsistency, but over the past few games they seem to have found their stride, and against Winchester they seemed to be atop their game. It was a very physical game from start to finish, and the blue liners were very successful taking care of loose pucks in the corners as well as blocking shots near the crease and preventing turnovers in the neutral zone. Adam Crowley was just one of the Burlington defenseman that had an outstanding night. Crowley had 3 blocked shots as well as three huge hits in one shift alone.

“Well, we knew coming in they were a team with fast forwards and we needed to play physical with them in our zone,” said defenseman Steve Mattos. “We knew that they were a hard working team and it was going to be a battle, Winchester is a good team we just had their number tonight.”

Another reason for Burlington’s success is the continued confident play of goalie Derek DeCastro who stopped all but one of the 27 shots he faced. DeCastro seems to be adjusting quite well to the Varsity level of play, riding on a three game win streak.

“Derek has been standing on his head,” praised Mattos after the win. “It’s always a good feeling knowing that you have a good goalie behind you because that’s where the game all starts from, the goalie.”

There might have also been a little extra drive for some of the seniors on the team to get this win down in the books. “For Joe, Shane and I, we never beat Winchester during our varsity hockey career in the regular season, we wanted this game more than anything. We knew we couldn’t let their first line gain momentum,” said Irwin, “We just took advantage of our opportunities.”

Burlington looks to continue it’s winning ways against Melrose on Wednesday night.

BURLINGTON 0-4-3 – 7

Winchester 0-1-0 – 1

First Period: No scoring. Penalties: W-Martignett (crosschecking) 5:00; B-Caruso (interference)5:25.

Second Period: W-Donovan (Ducharme) 2:50; B-Irwin (Caruso, McMahon) 3:11; B-Cimino (Caruso, Rolli) 4:45; B-Irwin (McMahon, Centrella) 13:49; B-Berardi (Rolli) 14:04. Penalties: W-Redler (crosschecking) 4:39.

Third Period: B-McMahon (Irwin) :30; B-K.Crowley (Rolli, A.Crowley) 13:47; B-McMahon (unassisted) 14:26. Penalties: B-Berardi (crosschecking) 2:22; B-Caruso (interference) 6:44; W-Tedesco (hooking) 11:56; B-Centrella (high-sticking) 13:35.

Shots on Goal: Burlington 4-13-8-25 Winchester 4-13-10-27

Goalies (Saves): B-DeCastro (26) W-Robinson (12) W-Olson (8)

BHS Boys Hockey vs. Winchester Video Highlights

Girls Basketball Update - Monday January 24, 2011

Injuries forced two senior starters out Monday night and Burlington looked to have their hands full with visiting Arlington. The Lady Devils were eager for revenge after a listless 20 point loss at Arlington in December. This night would be a different story for Burlington, however, as the team rallied from a 7-point deficient at the end of the third quarter for an exciting 40-34 victory.

Arlington took a one-point lead after the first quarter, but the score was deadlocked at 18 at the half. Burlington had six players score during those first two quarters as Kaitlyn Morneweck and Sarah Hood led the team into the locker room with 4 points each. Erin Clark and Katie Han added 3 apiece. Stacy Howe gave her team quality minutes, playing solid defensive and creating offensive opportunities for her teammates. Defensively, Clark held Arlington’s sharpshooter, Colleen Kane, to 5 points.

Scoring would become more difficult in the third quarter as the Lady Devils couldn’t find the bottom of the net. Aggressive offensive play kept them in the game as Burlington shot 5 for 6 from the free throw line. Without a basket, however, Arlington was able to build a 7 point lead fueled by Burlington miscues at the end of the quarter.

The Lady Devils came out with something to prove in the fourth as they tightened their defense and exploded for one of their best offensive quarters of the season. Arlington would only manage 4 points the rest of the way, including a hail-Mary, 3-point bank-shot with the shot clock winding down. Clark, Han, Christina Raso, and Jodi Han were all involved on key defensive plays, as the Burlington guards held the Arlington backcourt in check.

The Lady Devils kept their possessions alive by crashing the offensive glass. Kayla Coluci was unstoppable during this stretch, grabbing offensive rebounds and scoring 8 points in the rally. With about two minutes left Burlington was down by two, but once they took the lead Arlington was forced to foul. Katie Han added 5 points this quarter, including two key free throws at the end of the game. She ended the contest 6 for 8 from the charity stripe and Burlington’s lead scorer with 11 points. Her sister, Jodi, grabbed 4 rebounds at the guard spot, including one within the final minute that all but dashed Arlington’s hopes for a dramatic ending. Coluci added 10 points and 11 boards, as Morneweck totaled 8 points, 8 rebounds and 4 blocks. Raso added 4 assists, Hood grabbed 5 rebounds and dished 3 assists, while Clark, Han and Rachel Joyce each had 2 steals. Kelsey Carnell filled her stat sheet with only positives as the forward grabbed 2 rebounds, 1 steal, 2 blocks and gave an assist. The Lady Devils shot 70% from the free throw line and had their third highest offensive output of the season. Seven Burlington players scored in all, while keeping each Arlington player in single digits offensively.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Red Devil of the Week for Week Ending January 14, 2011

January 14, 2011

Michelle Morgan
Girls Gymnastics

Michelle Morgan was injured for a good portion of the start of the season. This didn’t stop her! Michelle is a hard-worker, as captain she is an excellent leader, and she is a determined competitor. In her return she has done a fantastic job! She scored a personal best of 8.4 on floor against Reading!

Indoor Track Update

Congratulations to the Best Male and Female Indoor Track Athletes in the Middlese League through January 20, 2011

1000 Meter Run          Erin Rielly              3:12.4
Shot Put                     Ashley Steadman    35-06.50

2 Mile Run                  David Taranto        9:57.5
1 Mile Run                  David Taranto        4:33.39
Shot Put                     Joe Hoffman           50-08.75

Wrestling Update

Here are the results of Burlington Wrestling at Lowell on 1/22/11.

Burlington 6                         Lowell 42

140 Kevin Sullivan L WBF 1:04 Munish Gandevia

145 Jim Tim L WBF 2:32 Dave Swiniarkski

152 Conor McHugh L Forfeit

160 Tyler Crowther L 6-0 Luke Nigro

171 no contest

189 no contest

215 no contest

285 Marco Ligonde L WBF 2:31 AJ Lee

103 Steve Giampapa B WBF :20 Edgardo Centeno

112 Brandon Gauthier L WBF :16 Andy Hubbard

119 no contest

125 no contest

130 no contest

135 Khyleang Lim L 6-1 Mark Welsch

Burlington 6               Bishop Hendricken 36

145 Ryan McLarney BH Forfeit

152 Ben Lippitt BH WBF 1:34 Dave Swiniarkski

160 no contest

171 no contest

189 no contest

215 Billy Stewart BH WBF :58 AJ Lee

285 no contest

103 Steve Giampapa B WBF 1:23 Jay Davol

112 Matis Alvarez BH WBF :38 Andy Hubbard

119 no contest

125 no contest

130 no contest

135 Mike Gelardi BH WBF :20 Mark Welsch

140 Dan Cofone BH WBF 1:40 Munish Gandevia

Burlington 6                 Concord 30

152 Walters Ndi C WBF 2:42 Dave Swiniarkski

160 no contest

171 no contest

189 no contest

215 Griffin Smith C WBF 1:02 AJ Lee

285 no contest

103 Brennan Haywood C WBF :17 Steve Giampapa

112 Dan Losacano C WBF 1:39 Andy Hubbard

119 no contest

125 no contest

130 no contest

135 Mark Welsch B  WBF 1:33 Farradon Young

140 Stan Urbanek C WBF :49 Munish Gandevia

145 no contest

Burlington is now 1-22.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Additional Sports Updates

Here are the results from Burlington Wrestling at Woburn High on 1/19/11.

Burlington 18                           Woburn 39

125 Sean Tibbo W Forfeit

130 Vinny Busa W Forfeit

135 Greg Forbes W WBF 2:26 Mark Welsch

140 Munish Gandevia B 8-5 Miguel Paez

145 Joe Souza W Forfeit

152 Luke Nigro B 17-10 Jared O'Brien

160 Dave Swiniarkski B WBF 2:37 Joel Torres

171 Sean Tremlett W Forfeit

189 no contest

215 AJ Lee B WBF 2:30 Keith Cox

285 no contest

103 Jose Cruz W 8-4 Steve Giampapa

112 no contest

119 Doug Stokes W WBF :49 Andy Hubbard

Burlington is now 1-19.


Burlington High Boys Track Division III Relays Update:

The Burlington boys placed 6 relay teams at the Division III MSTCA Relay Championships on their way to a third place finish with 31 points.

The 4 x 800 meter relay team of Trevor Dutton (sr), Christos Saledas (so), Gideon Kasirye (jr) and David Taranto (jr) finished in second place at 8:14.89 beating the existing BHS school record of 8:16.31 held by Jesse Faller, Matt Tirrell, Pat Rielly, and Chris Tirrell since 2006.

David Perloff (sr), Kasirye, Dutton, and Taranto joined to beat the school record in the distance medley relay with a time of 11:04.76 to finish in fifth place.

The 4 x 50-yard shuttle dash team of Tad Pierre-Louis (jr), Matt Corsino (jr), Ev Guerrier (so) and Dan McDermott (jr) finished in second in 23.48 seconds.

All three of Burlington's field event teams earned medals. The 3 x high jump team of Bobby Bonetti (jr), Nick Salvucci (jr) and Nick Ciardi (jr) totslled 16' 11" for third place. Also in third were the shot put trio of seniors Joe Hoffman, Anuj Patel, and Kyle Sullivan. In the 3 x long jump, Takunda Muzembe (jr), Jake Rosenberg (sr), and Clifford Pierre-Louis (sr) were sixth.

Girls Indoor Track Update

Burlington 50 –Watertown 36

Burlington Girl’s High School Track Team back on Track

On Wednesday night January 19 at the Lexington Field House, the Burlington girl’s track and field team won a close meet to Watertown. In the two mile, Jaclyn Jensen and Allison Pflanz took second and third place with times of 13:23.8 and 14:17.8, respectively. In the high jump, Burlington was swept and the score was now 14-5 Watertown. In her first 1000m race, Erin Reilly showed her flexibility by winning the race with the league’s best time of 3:12.4. Brianna MacDonald came in second in 3:42.5. In the 600m, Kristin Humphreys won her race with a dominating run of 1:49.7. Danielle Coveno came in third in 1:54.9. The tandem of Ashley Steadman, Taylor Steinberg and Corinna DiSanto swept the shot put with throws of 35’ 6.5”, 29’ 5” and 27’ 5”, respectively. The sweep gave the team a 21-15 lead. In the 300m, Gam Dhliweyo came in second in 48.2 and Nicole Hardy came in third in 48.7. Jennifer Hamvas ran away with the mile with a winning time of 5:52.5. Lauren Boyle came in third in 6:19.7. In the Hurdles, Jennifer Sheldon and Katie O’Connor came in second and third with times of 7.1 and 7.3, respectively. In the dash, Elizabeth Burkhart and Devon Doherty came in second and third with times of 6.1 and 6.3, respectively. In the relay, the team of Kristin Humphreys, Eva Mayo, Nicole Hardy and Erin Reilly won the race with a time of 4:33. The win gives the girls a 7-1 record with their last meet against the undefeated Lexington squad in three weeks.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sports Update

Monday night senior guard Zach Hurynowicz had an historical night for Burlington Basketball. Zach became the first male basketball player in over 30 years to score 1000 points in his High School Career.

The 3 point shot that put him at 1000 points also pushed our team to a stronger lead against the league power house Lexington High School. We had not beaten Lexington High School in over 12 years. Zach’s overall total of 32 points last night led Burlington to a 66/61 victory against Lexington.

Zach is only one of 3 players that I know of who has scored over 1000 points in his HS career at Burlington. This is a phenomenal feat that Zach has accomplished in a short 4 years.

Submitted by Coach Lyons

On Friday the Girl’s Gymnastics team beat Reading High School 133.4 to 129.85. The girl’s record is now 1-1 in the Middlesex League. Some highlights were Alyssa Mitchell’s 9.15 beam performance and Haley Vercollone’s 9.05 floor performance

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Last night at the Boys Basketball game vs. Lexington, Zach Hurynowicz attained 1000 points.  This has not been done in Burlington since the l980's.  What an achievement.  Way to go!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Red Devil of the Week for Week Ending January 7, 2011

Alyssa Mitchell
Girls Gymnastics

In the season opener against Melrose, Alyssa Mitchell did a fantastic job as a competitor on three events. She received an 8.0 on bars, an 8.7 on floor, and had a very impressive beam routine scoring an 8.8. Alyssa is a dedicated and poised gymnast. When faced with pressure, she can always be counted on to remain calm and compete at her best.

Red Devil of the Week for Week Ending January 7, 2011

Ryan Gilpin
Boys Swimming and Diving

Ryan has placed in the top 2 in the 100 butterfly event routinely. He is an outstanding leader/captain.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Boys Basketball vs. Woburn

Zack Hurynowicz hits a three point shot to beat woburn at the buzzer. Final score Burlington 77 Woburn 76.

Boys Indoor Track Update

Four members of the boys track team earned medals at this Saturday's 27th Annual MSTCA Red Auerbach Freshman-Sophomore Championship.

Sophomores Christos Saledas and Mark Steinbach ran neck and neck the entire race in the 1000 meters finishing in personal bests of 2:52.26 and 2:52.35 respectively for 5th and 6th place.

Sophomore Adam Bonfilio advanced through the trials and semis in the 55-meter high hurdles and finished third in the finals in a personal best time of 8.94 seconds.

Sophomore Ev Guerrier likewise had to advance through trials and semis in the 55-meter dash before he too posted a third place finish in the 55-meter dash. Guerrier's time was 7.00 seconds.

Earlier in the week in a dual-meet against Lexington at Joyce Middle School in Woburn, junior David Taranto, running in his first two mile race ever, edged Lexington's Nate Adams by half a second with a time of 9:57.5. Taranto's time set a new facility record, breaking the 10:08 mark held by Belmont's Victor Gras for ten years.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Girls Gymnastics Update

On Tuesday, the girl’s gymnastics team opened their season at home against Melrose.  It was a close meet.  In the end, the lady devils lost to Melrose 133.4 to 132.35. Haley Vercollone and Casey Landry did a great job competing all-around.  Alyssa Mitchell also had a good meet.  She received an 8.0 on bars, an 8.7 on floor, and an 8.8 on beam.  The girl’s next meet is next Wednesday at 4:00 in Woburn, followed by a meet Friday at 7:00pm in Burlington. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Great Pics From Girls Gymnastics vs. Melrose

Thanks to Mr. Landry for sending us the great photos from the Girls gymnastics meet vs. Melrose. They are available for students and parents to reproduce as they wish.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Indoor Track Update

On Wednesday of vacation week, members of the Boys Burlington High track team broke several school records.

In the morning at the 5-man Pentathlon competition at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston, the quintet of Jake Rosenberg (55 meter hurdles), Takunda Muzembe (long jump), Joe Hoffman (shot put), Bobby Bonetti (high jump), and David Taranto (1000 meters) broke a 10-year-old BHS record with their combined total of 3512 points. Taranto's 1000 meter time of 2:36.22 was a record as well at 1/2 a second quicker than Matt Tirrell's previous record.

In the afternoon, at the Rhode Island Classic in Providence, freshman Gabe Arcaro set the BHS record in the 25 pound weight throw with a heave of 48' 11.5". Arcaro, Hoffman, and Anuj Patel set the BHS mark for the 3 x weight throw in the same competition.

Burlington Girl’s High School Track Remains Undefeated

On 12/28, the Burlington Girls High School Track Team won another close meet by the score of 47-39.  In the two mile, Erin Reilly cruised to another victory and Ashley Romano finished third with times of 12:23 and 14:31.  In the 1000m race, Kristen Humphreys easily came in first with a 3:30 and Ashley O’Neil came in third with a 3:45.  In the Shot put, Ashley Steadman continued to dominate and won the event with a distance of 31’ 3.5”.  in the 600m, Kierstin Merlino ran a tactical race and won with a sprint to the finish line in a time of 2:00 and Briana MacDonald finished third in 2:05.  In the 300m, Trusha Bhatt tried to hang on to another of the league’s best and came in second with a time of 48.8. With five events complete, Burlington only had a seven point lead and they knew Melrose still had talented runners and jumpers ahead. In the one mile, Jennifer Hamvas took first place with a 6:09 and Lauren Boyle too third with a 6:26.    In the high jump, Kierstin Merlino won with a jump of 4’ 10” and Catie Riggs finished third with 4’ 8”.  In the hurdles, Jennifer Sheldon won with a 9.7 and Katie O’Connor finished third with a 9.8.  Their first and second places secured enough points for Burlington to win the meet.  In the dash, Devon Doherty finished third in 8.0.  The Burlington relay team of Eva Mayo, Gam Dhliweyo, Gabriella Gonzalvez and Trusha Bhatt ran a time of 5:08.4.  With the victory, Burlington improved their record to 6-0.

Two Mile             1 Erin Reilly12:23                               3 Ashley Romano 14:31

Shotput                1 Ashley Steadman 31’ 3.5”

1000                       1 Kristen Humphreys 3:30            3 Ashley O’Neil 3:45

600                         1 Kierstin Merlino 2:00                   3 Briana MacDonald 2:05

300                         2 Trusha Bhatt 48.8

1 Mile                    1 Jennifer Hamvas 6:09                  3 Lauren Boyle 6:26

High Jump           1 Kierstin Merlino 4’ 10”                3 Catie Riggs 4’ 8”

55M Hurd            1 Jennifer Sheldon 9.7                   2 Katie O’Connor 9.8

55M Dash            3 Devon Doherty 8.0

4x400m                2 Eva Mayo, Gam Dhliweyo, Gabriella Gonzalvez and Trusha Bhatt

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Video of Boys Hockey vs. Stoneham

Thanks to Mr. McRae for the great video from the boys' hockey team's 4-0 win against Stoneham.