Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boys Tennis Round-up

The BHS boys tennis team won two more matches this past week to extend their winning streak to five games.  The Red Devils are now 5-1 and are currently tied for second place in the Middlesex League, arguably the strongest tennis conference in the entire state.  The squad blanked Stoneham last Thursday, and swept Belmont 5-0 on Friday.  The team remains unbeaten at Rahanis Park.

Stoneham came to town on Thursday and quickly found out why Burlington is one of the top teams in the state.  Coach Rob Newton did rest some of the starters, but Burlington has so much depth, it does not create a problem.  Co- Captain Raghav Tanna got things started off with a bang at the first singles position.  The senior cruised 6-0, 6-1 in convincing fashion behind strong serves and big forehands.

Sophomore Christian Repunte defeated his opponent at the second singles position 6-1, 6-2.  Repunte is starting to play with confidence and looks better every match, according to coach Newton.  Sophomore Dean Boodakian made his varsity debut at third singles and was extremely Impressive.  Boodakian has moved up the ladder for the Red Devils and on this afternoon was too much for his Spartan opponent to handle.  The score was 6-0, 6-1.

Senior co-captain John Romano paired up with freshman Lawrence Yu at the first doubles spot, and the duo pummeled their opponents 6-1, 6-1.  Junior Cam McSweeney and Sophomore Brian O’Connell, who have been a great team at practice this season played second doubles and rolled 6-0, 6-1.  Stoneham left Rahanis Park with a 0-5 defeat.

Belmont came to town on Friday afternoon with a young, promising team along with a 5-1 overall record.  The Marauders left town with their worst loss of the season, 0-5.  Junior Joe Piotti continued his stellar season at the number one singles position.  Piotti defeated league all-star Zac Wooster  6-3, 6-1 by using his topspin forehand along with some accurate volleys.  Tanna followed suit at the number two position with an impressive 6-3, 6-1 victory over a promising freshman. 

Senior Mike Calder, who is getting comfortable at the number three slot, played his best match of the season, ousting Richie Yuan 7-6, 6-1.  Calder wore down his foe with relentless groundstrokes, determination, and consistenc

The doubles teams were equally as impressive.  Repunte and junior Derek Skinner have been reunited by coach Newton and the two league all-stars from 2010 have not disappointed.  The duo defeated a strong pair from Belmont 6-1, 6-2 in dynamic fashion using a variety of drop volleys, slices, and lobs.

Romano and senior Tanishq Bhalla have been a strong doubles pair for the Red Devils this season.  On this day, the pair started slowly but the n picked it up and looked intimidating in the process.  The final was 7-5, 6-1.  Overall, the team had its most impressive victory in this young season. 

Burlington has two vacation matches versus Woburn and Wakefield, and then after that the Red Devils have two of their biggest matches of the season back to back on Monday and Wednesday afternoon at Rahanis Park.  Lexington and Winchester, two of the other top teams in the state come to visit.  Both matches are at 3:30 p.m.

The BHS boys tennis team won both of their matches over the school vacation week.  The Red Devils swept Woburn 5-0, and then blanked Wakefield 5-0.  Overall, the squad now has a 7-1 record, and is still in second place in the Middlesex League. 

Coach Rob Newton got to play plenty of reserves in the two vacation matches.  “Our team is so strong that we can sit four or five regular starters and still be a very powerful team. “ A lot of these guys are working hard in practice and challenge matches and deserve a chance to play.” 

Woburn came to Rahanis Park last Thursday and it was an extremely windy day.  Senior co-captain Raghav Tanna continues to cruise this season and this day was no different.  E dispatched his opponent at first singles 6-0, 6-0.  Sophomore Dean Boodakian played second singles and was equally as impressive.  His scorers were 6-1, 6-3.  Freshman Scott Barrett stepped in and played third singles versus the Tanners.  The Red Devil prevailed 6-3, 6-4. 

Seniors Tyler Baczewski and Jason Tarpey teamed up at the first doubles position. The duo got off to a slow start but turned it on as the match progressed.  The final was 7-5, 6-1.  Freshmen Eric Johnson and Matt Martin also got off to a slow start at the second doubles position.  The two then calmed down and were nearly unbeatable.  The scores were 2-6, 6-2, 6-0.  Overall, Woburn left town without winning a single match.

The next day, Friday, the team got on a bus and headed to Bear Hill Country
Club in Stoneham to take on the Wakefield Warriors.  Coach Newton was able to put six new players in to the lineup.   Tanna remained at the number one position and rolled 6-1, 6-0.  The senior  is now 7-1 on the season.  Sophomore Brian O’Connell, who has improved tremendously this season, played second singles on this day and crushed his opponent 6-1, 6-1.  Another sophomore, Brien Diffley, made his debut at the varsity level.  Diffley won 6-4, 6-3 at number three singles. 

Seniors James Walsh and Jimmy Silva paired up at the first doubles position.  Strong first serves and powerful volleys carried the Red Devil tandem to a 6-1, 6-0 victory.  Sophomore Brian Minghella and senior Danny Grassi played second doubles and recorded an official double bagel, winning 6-0, 6-0.  Burlington left town with a 5-0 team victory.

The team had some big matches on Tuesday and Wednesday this past week versus rivals Lexington and Winchester.  Results were not available before press time.  The season is approximately half way through, and Burlington has been improving with each match.  Hopefully the weather will finally turn and the team can get some nice conditions to train and play in.    

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boys Track Update

Belmont 35 @Burlington 99 on 4/19/2011

400m Hurdles: 1. Trevor Dutton (B) 62.5
2. Palo (Bel) 63.9
3. Clifford Pierre-Louis (B) 64.2

One Mile: 1. Gideon Kasirye (B) 4:49.2
2. Deignan (Bel) 4:49.5
3. David Perloff (B) 5:02.3

4 x 100m Relay: 1. Burlington 47.7
Ev Guerrier, Tad Pierre-Louis, Takunda Muzembe, Dan McDermott)

Long Jump: 1. Takunda Muzembe (B) 18’ 10.5”
2. Sandvik (Bel) 18’ 9.5”
3. Evander Berrouet (B) 17’ 8”

High Jump: 1. Jake Rosenberg (B) 5’ 6”
2. Bobby Bonetti (B) 5’ 6”
3. No Third

Javelin: 1. Martin (Bel) 127’ 9”
2. Nichols (Bel) 126’ 7”
3. Messer (Bel) 120’ 10”

Shot Put: 1. Joe Hoffman (B) 43’ 11.75”
2. Alex Alessi (B) 38’ 6.75”
3. Anuj Patel (B) 38’ 6.25”

Triple Jump: 1. Jake Rosenberg (B) 36’ 9.5”
2. Palo (Bel) 34’ 9.75”
3. No Third

Discus: 1. Anuj Patel (B) 117’ 3”
2. Joe Hoffman (B) 116’ 6”
3. Steve Healey (B) 102’ 5”

110m Hurdles: 1. Jake Rosenberg (B) 16.9
2. Nick Paraskevas (B) 19.1
3. Clifford Pierre-Louis (B) 19.7

100 meters: 1. Markantonis (Bel) 11.9
2. Connor Owens (B) 12.0
3. Sandvik (Bel) 12.1

400 meters: 1. Trevor Dutton (B) 54.4
2. Eric Minghella (B) 55.3
3. Deignan (Bel) 56.2

800 meters: 1. David Taranto (B) 2:02.8
2. Christos Saledas (B) 2:13.9
3. Arciprete (Bel) 2:17.2

200 meters: 1. Markantonis (Bel) 24.3
2. Connor Owens (B) 24.7
3. Sandvik (Bel) 24.9

2 Mile: 1. Chris Cao (B) 11:12.7
2. Zack Wilkins (B) 11:23.0
3. Ben Kalibala (B) 11:34.5

4 x 400m Relay: 1. Burlington 4:08.5
(Gideon Kasirye, Matt Ackerman, Tad Pierre-Louis, TK)

Burlington (3-1)
Belmont (0-3)

Next Meet: Woburn @ Burlington on Tuesday, April 26, 2011.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Big Day for Coach Curtin

Congratulations to Baseball Coach, Jim Curtin on his 600th win at yesterday's home game vs. Watertown.  Coach Curtin is one of only five coaches who have achieved this tremendous goal.    

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Girls Lacrosse Update

The girl's lacrosse team beat Watertown on Saturday 17-7. The offense did a great job! Top goal scorers were Jean Hanafin and Rachel Joyce with 4 goals each, and Erin Clark with 3 goals. On Monday, the lady devil's traveled to Belmont and suffered their first loss of the season. The lady devils are now 2-1.

Boys Track vs. Watertown

The boys track team won 15 of 16 events on their way to a 109-27 victory over Watertown. The win moves the Red Devils to 2-0 and sets up an early-season show down with Reading this Friday at Reading Memorial High. Meet Results are below:
400m Hurdles: 1. Clifford Pierre-Louis (B) 64.8

2. Adam Bonfilio (B) 67.4

3. Wilson-Braun (W) 69.8

One Mile: 1. David Taranto (B) 4:32.1

2. Eskici (W) 4:54.9

3. Hoiseth (W) 4:55.6

4 x 100m Relay: 1. Burlington 46.5

Ev Guerrier, Tad Pierre-Louis, Matt Corsino, Dan McDermott)

Long Jump: 1. Takunda Muzembe (B) 20’ 9.25”

2. Evander Berrouet (B) 19’ 0.75”

3. Alvarez (W) 18’ 6.25”

High Jump: 1. Bobby Bonetti (B) 5’ 8”

2. Jake Rosenberg (B) 5’ 6”

3. Garbier (W) 5’ 2”

Javelin: 1. McCusker (W) 127’ 10”

2. Zack Miliano (B) 113’ 6”

3. Lally (W) 92’ 7”

Shot Put: 1. Joe Hoffman (B) 47’ 5.5”

2. Stohlman (W) 45’ 4.25”

3. Nico Blasé (B) 44’ 4”

Triple Jump: 1. Jonathan Dube (B) 38’ 5”

2. Dan McDermott (B) 37’ 2.5”

3. J. Holland (W) 35’ 11.75”

Discus: 1. Joe Hoffman (B) 117’ 7”

2. Anuj Patel (B) 109’ 0”

3. Stohlman (W) 102’ 1”

110m Hurdles: 1. Jake Rosenberg (B) 16.4

2. Nick Paraskevas (B) 18.1

3. J. Holland (W) 18.6

100 meters: 1. Dan McDermott (B) 11.8

2. Takunda Muzembe (B) 12.0

3. Marcus Odiah (B) 12.1

400 meters: 1. Gideon Kasirye (B) 53.9

2. Alvarez (W) 54.7

3. Matt Corsino (B) 55.4

800 meters: 1. Trevor Dutton (B) 2:03.8

2. Jason Steinbach (B) 2:07.4

3. Garbier (W) 2:09.0

200 meters: 1. Ev Guerrier (B) 24.7

2. Tad Pierre-Louis (B) 24.9

3. J. Holland (W) 25.0

2 Mile: 1. David Perloff (B) 10:34.8

2. A. Holland (W) 10:46.9

3. Ben Kalibala (B) 11:50.5

4 x 400m Relay: 1. Burlington 3:53.4

(Christos Saledas, Roshan Kumar, Gideon Kasirye, Trevor Dutton)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Boys Track Home Opener

The Boys Track team opened their season with a 93 to 43 victory over Wakefield on Thursday. Burlington won 14 of 16 events. Every Red Devil event winner met the Division III State Qualifying mark (Q) for the post-season tournament.

Wakefield 43 @ Burlington 93 on 4/7/2011
400m Hurdles:
1. Miksis (W) 63.3
2. Clifford Pierre-Louis (B) 63.9
3. Adam Bonfilio (B) 66.
One Mile:
1. Trevor Dutton (B) 4:43.6 Q
2. Bridges (W) 4:49.0
3. Lucci (W) 4:54.1

4 x 100m Relay:
1. Burlington 46.4 Q
Ev Guerrier, Takunda Muzembe, Dan McDermott, Marcus Odiah

Long Jump:
1. Takunda Muzembe (B) 21’ 3.5" Q
2. Tassanari (W) 19’ 1.5"
3. Matt Corsino (B) 18’ 5"

High Jump:
1. Bobby Bonetti (B) 5’ 10" Q
2. Miksis (W) 5’ 9"
3. Stackhouse (W) 5’ 8"

1. Kyle Sullivan (B) 151’ 0" Q
2. Geller (W) 123’ 2"
3. Feeley (W) 119’ 7"

Shot Put:
1. Joe Hoffman (B) 43’ 4.25" Q
2. Nico Blasé (B) 41’ 10.5"
3. Feeley (W) 40’ 10"

Triple Jump:
1. Jonathan Dube (B) 39’ 8" Q
2. Puccio (W) 39’ 0"
3. Dan McDermott (B) 37’ 3.25"

1. Joe Hoffman (B) 125’ 1" Q
2. Anuj Patel (B) 107’ 4"
3. Johnson (W) 105’ 3"

110m Hurdles:
1. Jake Rosenberg (B) 16.4 Q
2. Adam Bonfilio (B) 18.3
3. Nick Paraskevas (B) 18.7

100 meters:
1. Tassanari (W) 11.5
2. Marcus Odiah (B) 11.6
3. Dan MCdermott (B) 11.7

400 meters:
1. Miksis (W) 55.2
2. Eric Minghella (B) 55.3
3. Connor Owens (B) 55.9

800 meters:
1. Gideon Kasirye (B) 2:04.4 Q
2. Jason Steinbach (B) 2:08.8
3. Christos Saledas (B) 2:12.1

200 meters:
1. Tassanari (W) 23.5
2. Takunda Muzembe (B) 24.3 Q
3. Ev Guerrier (B) 24.4 Q

2 Mile:
1. David Taranto (B) 9:55.9 Q
2. Stackhouse (W) 10:23.7
3. David Perloff (B) 10:32.7

4 x 400m Relay:
1. Burlington 3:54.9
(Eric Minghella, Connor Owens, Gideon Kasirye, Trevor Dutton)

Burlington (1-0)
Wakefield (0-1)

Next Meet: Burlington @ Watertown on Monday, April 11, 2011.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Boys Lacrosse Beats Melrsoe

After a flurry of cancellations and rainouts, the Boys Varsity lacrosse team finally got their 2011 conference season underway Tuesday night on the turf.  Fresh off a victory over former prep powerhouse The Winchendon School; the Devils looked to make a statement against the Red Raiders of Melrose High.  From the opening faceoff, the message was clear… This was a different Burlington Lacrosse program.  Behind a stellar game in net from goalie and defensive backbone Chris Ikier, the defense held the Raiders scoreless until late in the fourth quarter.  Offensively, a James Haded led attack orchestrated a varied and persistent assault that resulted in eleven goals and a seemingly insurmountable lead early in the game.  Ultimately, the 11-2 final score did not quite do the debut performance justice.  With a new coaching staff and a senior laden lineup, the Devils are seemingly primed to make a splash in Massachusetts lacrosse this year.  Tuesday night was just the beginning.